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I grew up watching my grandmother bake. She was a pastry chef and always active in the kitchen. She ran the family business out of the house. This is where my love of cooking came from, and with this background, it was natural for me to go to culinary school. My second love is travel. After culinary school, my goal was to pursue both but first, I needed some experience in a professional kitchen. 

In Rome, I took any opportunity available to me, I worked in Michelin star restaurants, hotels, and bakeries. After getting all these experiences locally I wanted to travel to different places and experience different cuisine. I moved to Barcelona, even though I didn’t know the language. After Italian cuisine, Spanish cuisine is the most popular. I spent 7 years in Barcelona, making and eating the cuisine. The next natural step for me was to move to New York because of my desire to experience all of the different cuisines among all the different cultures. 

I am grateful for choosing this career, the places I have gone, and the people I have met. After spending most of my career working in a professional environment, I started missing the more personal connections one makes through food.  

I am motivated to share all of these experiences and how cooking allowed me to improve myself. It is important to take time out to cook for yourself, your family, and your loved ones. The connections made in spending time together in sharing a meal are often overlooked. I think this is missing so often in so many homes and communities.  

I want to help make this more accessible and more common.

Thank you for reading

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