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Breakfast, Dessert

Cranberry Orange Scone (Starbucks Copycat)


Homemade and healthier version of the beloved Starbucks cranberry orange scone.   These scones are flaky and tender with a pronounced orange flavor, making them a perfect breakfast pairing to your Starbucks coffee. INGREDIENTS TO MAKE ORANGE CRANBERRY SCONES: Flour: Regular all-purpose flour. Butter: I can’t stress enough how important it is to […]

original pancake house dutch pancake

Original Pancake House Dutch Pancake

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This recipe is inspired by Original pancake house dutch pancake. A Dutch baby is a large, fluffy pancake with a custardy center and crisp edges. They are perfect for serving family-style with both sweet and savory toppings. WHAT IS A DUTCH BABY PANCAKE?   The Dutch pancake is an oven-baked pancake, […]

french chocolate ganche tart
Dessert, Pies & Tarts

French Chocolate Ganache Tart


This French chocolate tart is the perfect treat for all chocolate lovers. Melt in your mouth buttery crust filled with a smooth and creamy layer of rich chocolate ganache.  I’m fascinated by how elegant this chocolate dessert is;  It makes the perfect treat for a birthday party or valentine’s day. […]

brazilian carrot cake
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Brazilian Carrot Cake with Chocolate Topping

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This Brazilian carrot cake with chocolate topping is exquisite, with a soft, tender crumb and a decadent chocolate ganache on top.  I’m a massive fan of the American version of carrot cake, but I only allow myself to indulge on special occasions. The thick cream cheese frosting and the excessive […]

meatballs in tomato sauce
Main, Savory

Sopranos Sunday Gravy and Meatballs 

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I recently got my hands on The Sopranos Family Cookbook by Artie Bucco. The show is one of my favorites of all time! I decided to make the Sunday gravy and meatballs recipe (for my fellow friends in Italy, gravy is what Italian Americans call the Sunday tomato sauce), which […]

Pasta, Soups

Grandma’s Pasta e Fagioli


Pasta e fagioli is a classic Italian soup made with beans and pasta; this peasant dish is the ultimate comfort food to lift you up on wintery days.  Pasta e Fagioli is nothing more than what is commonly known in the US as pasta fazool. This dish originated in Venice […]

flatbread with caramelized onions, with olived and anchovies on top
Appetizer & snacks, Bread


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Pissaladière is a flatbread from the south of France topped with caramelized onions, olives, and anchovies. Pissaladière is usually served as an appetizer or street food with a salad on the side and a glass of Provence Rose wine. Along the Italian coast bordering France, there is a similar dish […]


Overnight New York Style Bagels.

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Learn how to make overnight New York style bagels in your home kitchen by following my step-by-step tutorial. (recipe adapted from Peter Reinhart) Shame on me! I only had a bagel four years ago when I moved to New York City, and I met my wife, a true Brooklyn jew […]

Cookies, Dessert

Baci di dama.

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Italian hazelnut cookies called ” Baci di dama,” in Italian, translated to English “lady’s kisses,” are sandwiches of shortbread cookies, usually made with hazelnut or almond flour and filled with a dollop of melted dark chocolate.  A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY: They were created in the region of Piedmont, in northern Italy, during the 19th […]

Dessert, Special dessert

Easy Hanukkah donuts.

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Hanukkah donuts, also called “sufganiyot” in Hebrew, are pillowy balls of deep-fried dough filled typically with strawberry jam. They are similar to other doughnut recipes like Berliner or bomboloni.  WHAT ARE SUFGANIYOT? These delicious deep-fried donuts have been around since the 16th century. They are traditionally eaten at Hanukkah, the […]