italian chocolate chip buns(pangoccioli)
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Italian Chocolate buns(Pangoccioli)


Italian chocolate buns(Pangoccioli) are soft and fragrant sweet rolls enriched with delicious dark chocolate chips. They are among the most loved snacks adults and children buy in Italy; you can find them on every supermarket shelf. But these homemade ones are not only good, but they are also healthy and […]

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Cranberry Orange Scone (Starbucks Copycat)


Homemade and healthier version of the beloved Starbucks cranberry orange scone.   These scones are flaky and tender with a pronounced orange flavor, making them a perfect breakfast pairing to your Starbucks coffee. INGREDIENTS TO MAKE ORANGE CRANBERRY SCONES: Flour: Regular all-purpose flour. Butter: I can’t stress enough how important it is to […]

original pancake house dutch pancake

Original Pancake House Dutch Pancake

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This recipe is inspired by Original pancake house dutch pancake. A Dutch baby is a large, fluffy pancake with a custardy center and crisp edges. They are perfect for serving family-style with both sweet and savory toppings. WHAT IS A DUTCH BABY PANCAKE?   The Dutch pancake is an oven-baked pancake, […]

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“Maritozzi” Italian sweet buns.


Maritozzi is a fluffy brioche bun filled with fresh vanilla-infused whipped cream, and it is Roman’s favorite breakfast! WHAT’S MARITOZZI? Have you ever heard of “Maritozzi”? Those delicious Italian sweet buns are a Roman staple. A delicate brioche made with the best Italian olive oil, filled with vanilla bean whipped […]

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Tahini coffee cake

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As an Italian and avid coffee drinker, discovering that coffee cake doesn’t have any coffee was the equivalent of finding out that Santa Claus isn’t real.   So I put together a coffee cake that is finally worthy of the name; for all the sweet tooths and coffee addicts out there, […]