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Breakfast, Dessert

Cranberry Orange Scone (Starbucks Copycat)

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Homemade and healthier version of the beloved Starbucks cranberry orange scone.   These scones are flaky and tender with a pronounced orange flavor, making them a perfect breakfast pairing to your Starbucks coffee. INGREDIENTS TO MAKE ORANGE CRANBERRY SCONES: Flour: Regular all-purpose flour. Butter: I can’t stress enough how important it is to […]

french chocolate ganche tart
Dessert, Pies & Tarts

French Chocolate Ganache Tart


This French chocolate tart is the perfect treat for all chocolate lovers. Melt in your mouth buttery crust filled with a smooth and creamy layer of rich chocolate ganache.  I’m fascinated by how elegant this chocolate dessert is;  It makes the perfect treat for a birthday party or valentine’s day. […]

brazilian carrot cake
Cakes, Dessert

Brazilian Carrot Cake with Chocolate Topping

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This Brazilian carrot cake with chocolate topping is exquisite, with a soft, tender crumb and a decadent chocolate ganache on top.  I’m a massive fan of the American version of carrot cake, but I only allow myself to indulge on special occasions. The thick cream cheese frosting and the excessive […]

Cookies, Dessert

Baci di dama.

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Italian hazelnut cookies called ” Baci di dama,” in Italian, translated to English “lady’s kisses,” are sandwiches of shortbread cookies, usually made with hazelnut or almond flour and filled with a dollop of melted dark chocolate.  A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY: They were created in the region of Piedmont, in northern Italy, during the 19th […]

Dessert, Special dessert

Easy Hanukkah donuts.

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Hanukkah donuts, also called “sufganiyot” in Hebrew, are pillowy balls of deep-fried dough filled typically with strawberry jam. They are similar to other doughnut recipes like Berliner or bomboloni.  WHAT ARE SUFGANIYOT? These delicious deep-fried donuts have been around since the 16th century. They are traditionally eaten at Hanukkah, the […]

Cookies, Dessert

Alfajores de maicena recipe

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“Alfajores de maicena” are delicious South American cookies. It is a luscious layer of “dulce de leche” sandwiched between two crumbly and melt-in-your-mouth cornstarch cookies. WHAT ARE ALFAJORES:   Alfajores are famous Argentinian cookies popular throughout Latin America, Spain, and Israel.  It consists of two discs of cornstarch butter cookies filled […]

Breakfast, Dessert, Special dessert

“Maritozzi” Italian sweet buns.

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Maritozzi is a fluffy brioche bun filled with fresh vanilla-infused whipped cream, and it is Roman’s favorite breakfast! WHAT’S MARITOZZI? Have you ever heard of “Maritozzi”? Those delicious Italian sweet buns are a Roman staple. A delicate brioche made with the best Italian olive oil, filled with vanilla bean whipped […]

pumpkin cheesecake cookies
Dessert, Pies & Tarts

The best pumpkin cheesecake cookies recipe

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I couldn’t be more excited to introduce the best pumpkin cheesecake cookies recipe; they are the perfect marriage between two of my favorite things, pumpkin, and cheesecake.  A tangy cream cheese filling in the middle of a fluffy pumpkin cookie. I have to be honest. Making these cookies is a […]

chocolate pecan cookie
Cookies, Dessert

Brown Butter Chocolate Pecan Cookies


These brown butter chocolate pecan cookies are easily one of the best cookie recipes I have ever made. Gooey dark chocolate combined with nutty brown butter and toasted crunchy pecans, these cookies are a one-way trip to heaven. INGREDIENTS TO MAKE BROWN BUTTER CHOCOLATE PECAN COOKIES: Butter: Butter is an essential […]

Dessert, Special dessert

No-bake tiramisu truffles with Nutella® filling.

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These no-bake tiramisu truffles with Nutella® filling are exactly the treat you need when you crave tiramisu but are too lazy to make it.   I like to make them and stick them in the freezer, and I just pop them in my mouth whenever I want; it’s awesome.   Ingredients […]