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italian sesame cookies(reginelle)
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Italian Sesame Cookies(Reginelle)


You will be pleasantly surprised by trying these Italian sesame cookies; imagine a delicate crunch giving way to a rich, nutty sweetness, accompanied by a subtle hint of orange and vanilla.  Italian sesame cookies are called “reginelle” and originated in Sicily, in the city of Palermo. The taste is halfway […]

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Easy Orange olive oil cake recipe

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This Orange olive oil cake is moist and tender with subtle fruity notes from the olive oil and a bright, citrusy flavor from the orange.     Despite what I thought, the cake does not taste like oil, the flavor is delicate and delicious, and it is not greasy or heavy […]

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Baci di dama.

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Italian hazelnut cookies called ” Baci di dama,” in Italian, translated to English “lady’s kisses,” are sandwiches of shortbread cookies, usually made with hazelnut or almond flour and filled with a dollop of melted dark chocolate.  A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY: They were created in the region of Piedmont, in northern Italy, during the 19th […]

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No-bake tiramisu truffles with Nutella® filling.

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These no-bake tiramisu truffles with Nutella® filling are exactly the treat you need when you crave tiramisu but are too lazy to make it.   I like to make them and stick them in the freezer, and I just pop them in my mouth whenever I want; it’s awesome.   Ingredients […]

cranberries and almond biscotti dipped in dark chocolate
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Italian cranberries & almond biscotti.

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Italian almond biscotti, also known as “cantucci” in Tuscany or “tozzetti” in Rome, is an oblong-shaped, twice-baked cookie.   The recipe often calls for nuts (almonds or hazelnut) and the addition of spices like cinnamon or anise, and in some cases, even liquor.   They are crunchy, flavorful, and perfect for dipping […]

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Roasted tomatoes and ricotta toast

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Roasted tomatoes and ricotta toast is a quick and easy appetizer for a summer dinner. Ingredients to make roasted tomatoes & ricotta toast:  Tomatoes:  Grape tomatoes are slowly roasted to bring up their natural sweetness that goes perfectly with the rest of the components of this recipe. Ricotta cheese: It’s […]